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Behavioral Bulletin
Posted On:
Thursday, August 31, 2017
September 2017


Behavioral Bulletin

    Research and developments IN child and adolescent behavior





Contact:  Lauren Appel, Behavioral Support Specialist

 Hello! My name is Lauren Appel and I serve as the Behavior Specialist for Caswell County Schools. This year, I will be providing a quarterly parent newsletter on a variety of topics from behavioral issues to ways to help your student have academic success. If you have a topic you would like to hear more about or if you have a personal question, please email me at the address listed at the top of the page



The Key to Student Success

 The beginning of the year is the perfect time to lay down some important foundations. The key to student success is the involvement of three groups: the teachers, the parents, and of course, the student. All three groups depend on each other and it is this team work that makes positive things happen.  Based on research, there are certain responsibilities belonging to each group that have been proven to help students succeed.

Teacher Responsibilities

-Building relationships with students and their families

-Using up-to-date methods to teach their subject in an engaging way

-Communicating what is being learned and how Parents can help (Remember, you can always ask if you are confused about a method- it’s been awhile since some of us have been in school.)

-Helping connect families with resources when a student struggles

-Differentiate lessons according to ability level

Parent Responsibilities

-Having a positive attitude towards education and stressing its importance to your student

-Connecting what your student is learning to real world scenarios (i.e. counting money, finding the area of fenced yard, etc.)

- Setting aside a daily family reading time (this can be reading separately or aloud together.)

-Building a relationship with the teacher- ask about expectations and the progress of your student so everyone can be on the same page

-Encourage your student on their homework (setting aside a specific time can help it become a routine.)

-Making sure the child attends school

Student Responsibilities

It is important to know that the responsibilities of student must be taught. Creating routines can be helpful in reminding your student of the task that needs to be completed. Organizational skills also need to be taught and color-coded folders and other tools can achieve this. Most importantly, these must become expectations and be reinforced or handled as your household sees fit.

-Writing down homework assignments/projects

-Completing work in a timely manner

-Asking for help


Helpful Links and Information

National Education Association: Research Spotlight on Parental Involvement in Education-

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Community Connections on Student Achievement and National Center for Family and Community Connections with School, Southwest Education Development Laboratory. ED-01-CO-009.

National PTA:

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